Promote Teach Ag

Use these resources from the National Association of Agricultural Educators and Ohio FFA to celebrate and bring awareness to the career of agricultural education.

Try out a lesson plan, game or activity in your classroom in honor of National Teach Ag Day – which is celebrated each September!

Teach Ag Lesson Plans, Games and Activities

Use the sample class outlines for middle or high school coupled with the activities below to make Teach Ag Day planning easy.

Other Activities and Ideas

  • Have a student who you think would be a good ag teacher? 
    Send them a Teach Ag Kit!

  • Play “Are You Smarter than your Ag Teacher?, Teach Ag Feud, Think Like Your Ag Teacher, or Teach Ag Cash Bus.”
    Details and download games

  • Have the students be the teacher for the day. Put them in charge of the class for 10 minutes; they have to create a meaningful lesson on a topic of their choice with instructor pre-approval.
    Lesson plan

  • Research the duties, salary, job outlook, education, etc. needed to become an ag teacher or other agricultural education professional.
    Lesson plan

  • Share your individual path to becoming an ag teacher and encourage your students to ask you questions about your career.
    Lesson plan

  • Host a university agricultural education student or former student who is currently an ag teacher from your program to share his or her experiences.
    Lesson plan

  • Host a Farm Business Management instructor to talk about his or her job. 
    Lesson plan

  • If you have a student or students who are interested in teaching agriculture, line up a job shadowing experience with a teacher at a nearby program.
    Activity guide

  • Set-up a PALS program in your school or make arrangements for students who are interested in being an ag teacher design and present lessons to the elementary and junior high on agriculture.

  • Bring in representatives from the ag education department at the colleges in your state that offer ag education. Use the college finder here on the Teach Ag website for a listing of universities.

Teach Ag Games and Fun

Cash Bus

When your students board cash bus, they instantly become contestants answering tough agriculture-related questions. Several versions are included in the package, or you can change the answers and questions on the template and use as a review tool for any subject. 

Download the game.

Are You Smarter Than Your Ag Teacher?

Use this Powerpoint game to challenge your students. A fun way to get them thinking about the knowledge and skills required to become an agricultural educator. You can also change the answers and questions on the template and use as a review tool for any subject.

Download game
Download instructions

Teach Ag Feud

This Flash-based game uses answers collected from ag teachers all over the United States. Another fun way to get your students thinking about what it’s really like to be an ag teacher. Questions range from “What is your least favorite subject to teach,” to “What item do students most often forget to bring to class?” and everything in between.

*Flash game — you must download entire zip package to use the game (see instructions file after in downloaded materials) 

Download package

Think Like Your Ag Teacher

Pose a question to the class relating to the profession of Ag Education, either orally or use the PowerPoint on the Teach Ag Website and modify as needed. The students will write down what they think you would do. At the same time you write down what you would do. After 10-20 seconds have students hold up what they think you would do, then hold up your answer. Students who have the same answer as you get a point. The students with the most points get a prize to be determined by you.

Download game
Download instructions