Educator Testimonials

Ohio has more than 400 agricultural educators. Though this career can be demanding, it is always rewarding!

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“Know the job can feel challenging and overwhelming but in the end you will never regret the moments you spent with students.  You are making a huge difference in their lives whether they tell you or not.” – Mallory Zachrich, Urbana




“I would tell an aspiring ag educator to make sure that at the end of each day they can articulate what they did for students. As an ag teacher you will be bogged down with paperwork and meetings that you won’t expect; however, many of us want to serve students. I have chosen over the past few years to reflect each day on what I accomplished for students and it has helped me stay positive and love my job even more.” – Katrina Swinehart, Cedarville-GCCC 




“Teaching is one of the most rewarding and depressing jobs you will ever have.  It is the hardest and most important job in the world.” – Bill Keck, Marysville






whitney-short“Do not think twice about this opportunity! Take advantage of every opportunity available to learn how to become a better teacher, connect with students, and build a high quality program. Being an agricultural educator gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students. I don’t know of a better career!” – Whitney Short, Anthony Wayne





lindsay-griffin“My favorite part about being an agricultural educator is observing students’ excitement about learning.” – Lindsay Griffin, Valley View MVCTC





john-marshall“I was in FFA in high school many years ago.  The foundation for a successful decade’s long career in industry were laid during those years as an FFA member going from a shy quiet Freshman to running for a State office as a Senior.  I can now use what I learned in industry to ‘pay back’ FFA for all it gave me over the years.” – John Marshall, Hardin Northern




jessica-helsinger“Teaching agriculture is like riding the wildest roller coaster you could ever imagine, helping students who sometimes don’t want help and receiving thank yous in the most imaginable ways!” – Jessica Helsinger, Covington UVCC





jess-tracey“My favorite part of being an agriscience educator is helping students realize the diversity of the industry. Regardless of what career they choose, it will touch agriculture in some way. We’re not just farmers anymore.” – Jess Tracey, North Central





ericka-priest“Teaching ag is a time and place where you can reach students in and outside of the norm of agriculture.  It allows them to learn something different and interest them and teaches them life skills.” – Ericka Priest, Crestview – Convoy





“Teaching ag is fast paced and always changing. In no other course do you get to change topic so drastically between class period.” – Ellen Keck, Arlington





“An ag teacher can have 100 students earn state and American degrees, but to me, it matters more that 100 students are living out their lives successfully and raising families of their own in part because of the influence and impact you have made on them.” – Darrick Riggs, Southeastern Clark





“My favorite part of teaching agriculture is taking young kids and seeing them grow.  The ‘newbees’ in AFNR and introducing them to FFA is like planting a seed.” – Bryan Etzler, Tinora





“My favorite part of being an agricultural educator is getting to know my students and building relationships with them and their families (and being able to poke fun at them from time to time!). ” – Abbey VanTyne, Norwayne