Good Luck, Mary!

By Ellyse Shafer


As many Ohio FFA members from across the state are preparing to depart home for the 90th National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana, one of our very own is already there, competing for her spot on the 2017-2018 National Officer Team. Here’s what Mary Buehler, our 2016-2017 Ohio FFA State President, had to say about her experiences so far as an active member of our organization:


Q: What was your Supervised Agricultural Experience?


A: “My SAE was a vegetable production entrepreneurship. I owned and operated Buehler’s Sweet Corn Stand. It was a 1-acre crop plot, and I sold the corn at a roadside stand. My favorite part of my SAE was getting to connect with so many different members of the community, and in-turn, connect some of them to agriculture who weren’t already directly connected.”


Q: What was your favorite Career Development Event?


A: “My favorite CDE was public speaking. It was my favorite and also the most nerve-racking CDE that I did. I liked it so much because it helped me in so many aspects of life. I started out really shy, nervous, and unable to use any sort of hand motions. But, after sticking with the CDE for four years, my confidence grew, my communication skills developed way more, and I learned a great deal about the agriculture industry.”


Q: What are you studying at the Ohio State University?


A: “I’m studying Agribusiness and Applied Economics at Ohio State. The experience that I had with my SAE is what made me want to pursue a degree in agribusiness.”


Q: What was your favorite thing about serving Ohio FFA?


A: “My favorite part about serving the Ohio FFA was getting to know all of the unique and passionate members that we have in our state. These members taught me so much about myself, agriculture, about life, and just in general about being a good person. We are truly blessed in Ohio to have such a strong agricultural industry, and that industry is represented by a very strong group of youth in agriculture, the Ohio FFA members.”


Q: Why do you want to serve as a National Officer?


A: “In the words of Steve Paulina, ‘When you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your own ego, then hard work becomes a labor of love.’ Through National FFA, we as members are a part of something greater than ourselves. Through active involvement in the organization, our members will make a positive impact on a local, state, national, and even global scale. If blessed with the opportunity to serve as a National FFA Officer, I will give my time, talents, and ambition to the FFA, for I know it is a critical bridge connecting thousands of youth to a much greater purpose.”


On behalf of the State of Ohio, thank you for your service to the Ohio FFA, and good luck on the national level, Mary!