Fruit Sale Tips: How to Create an Organized Chaos

Written by Wyatt Jones (after interviewing experienced fruit sale teachers)

September 12, 2016


Fruit sales can be one of the most stressful things you organize all year. Here are a few tips from experienced teachers:


Student Motivation – The first step is to get your students excited about selling fruit!

Make the dollar amount sold account for some type point system. Example: 500 dollars equals 500 points (adjust this scale to the amounts your students sell.) Have a reward established for point increments.

Add clothing incentives. Example: If they sell at least $500, they get a free chapter sweatshirt.

Have a collective goal. Example: Have the officer team set a “fruit sale goal” at a meeting and if this goal is met do something “cool.” (Let your students help pick the reward.)

Tell them why. Explain that this is the main way your chapter makes money to do the things you do (convention, banquet, trips, etc.)

Have your officer team lead the charge. Make sure all of your officers are on board and promoting the fruit sales.


Quality Control – This part is imperative for fruit sale success. Once fruit goes out to the customer your name/chapter is connected to it. Ensuring good quality fruit is a must.

Tell them why. Have a serious conversation with your students explaining that bad fruit reflects back onto the entire chapter.

Teach them about customer satisfaction. Explain how important it is that their customers are happy with the product.

Check every box. Have your students sort out bad fruit.

Limit what they take home. Don’t let your students take more fruit home than they can deliver in one night. Once it leaves your sight you have no control over the quality.


Delivery Day – The trucks pulling in can be overwhelming so make sure you’re prepared!

Have your officer team and other trustworthy students be there to help unload.

Have a committee of students check off the packing list as it is unloaded so you know everything has been delivered before the trucks leave.

Take control of the temperature. Have the heat turned off in the shop and/or classrooms. Open windows if needed to keep fruit fresh.

Have designated areas prepared. As fruit is unloaded from the truck, have students place fruit in designated areas. Use signs, tape floors, banners, etc. to rope off areas for each type of fruit. Within those areas designate where full boxes go and where half boxes go.

Check orders before they leave. Make sure you check over every order before it leaves the shop, so students aren’t taking too much or too little.


Processing Sale Money – This can be stressful, as you will be handling a lot of money and it may be coming in at various times. Devise a plan that will work for your school and stick to it.

Have your school treasurer come at a certain time each day to help collect money. Maybe first thing in the morning or right after school and make sure students know this is the only time money will be collected.

If you have a multiple teacher program, have one teacher be in charge of collecting money so it stays organized and is not double counted or missed.


Evaluation – Take time to reflect to about all the things that went well and things that didn’t.

Be sure to thank your students for all they did to help with fruit sales.

Sit down with your officer team or other fruit sale leaders and have them discuss what worked well.

Use fruit sales to generate a lesson for your classes. Examples: marketing, financial records, teamwork, business, etc.