AET Training

By Elizabeth Landis




The Agricultural Experience Tracker is the FFA’s online database for recordkeeping of Supervised Agricultural Experiences. It is a valuable resource for teachers and students alike, as it eases tediousness, cuts down on paper, and helps generate award applications automatically.




Who are the AET Trainings for? They are for both preservice and current agricultural educators! Who puts the trainings on? Tracy Deninger, who works directly with the individuals who continually update and redesign the Agricultural Experience Tracker.




There will be two AET training sessions held this June. The first one is coming up soon on June 5-7 at Southern Ohio ESC. The second training will be held June on 27-29 at the Ohio FFA Center. First time attendees are required to attend all three days. However, returning attendees may come on any day(s) they choose.




You can register for the AET trainings here: Click here to register.


The AET is continually evolving to allow for students and teachers to keep the most accurate, detailed records with ease. It is important to stay up-to-date with these changes so as educators, you can aid your students with navigation of the site and answer any questions they may have. By attending these trainings, you will be prepared to use this tool effectively in the upcoming school year.