5 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your Chapter


By Ellyse Shafer


1.Greenhouse Sale


Does your chapter have a greenhouse? A perfect way to utilize that space is to grow mums (or any other ornamental plant) as a project and have your members sell what you produce. A fresh vegetable sale throughout the winter months also might be a big hit in your community. If your chapter does not have its own greenhouse, still consider contacting a local greenhouse to set up a mum sale or something similar.



2. Apparel Sale


Selling apparel with your chapter’s name on it can be a great way to bring in some extra money. Keep it simple with the design and do bulk orders to ensure a low cost to the chapter. Round up the price reasonably, create an order form to send home with your students, and set a date to turn order in by. Recommend to your students to sell items to local supporters. This is a great way to advertise your chapter throughout your community. Also, parents and grandparents are always looking for a way to show off their child’s involvement, so keep them in the loop as well.



3. Raffles


Talk to your school’s athletic director and set up a date for members to sell 50/50 raffle tickets during a home sporting event. This takes minimal manning, often accomplished by just a few people, and can bring in a good chunk of change, especially if it’s going to be a big game. Venues like Mapfre Stadium (where the Columbus Crew plays) also allow groups to come in and sell raffle tickets, just contact the stadium to work out a date and time.



4. Silent Auction


This is a perfect opportunity to clean out some things that have been accumulating in your classroom or shop: extra chapter apparel, unclaimed shop projects, you name it. Also, have your officers contact local feed stores to donate items for the auction as well. You can host a silent auction during your chapter banquet, at a booth at your county fair, or at any other community-wide event out on in your area.



5. Cow (or other Barnyard Animal) Patty Bingo


This can be doubled as a classroom lesson plan. Operating much like a 50/50 raffle, create a grid and sell grid spaces to individuals. In class have the students design a grid plan of the spots that were sold with equal-sized spaces. On a set date, take the class out to survey the location of where you will paint your grid on the ground. Measure the spots out, paint, fence the grid in, and then finally, let the barnyard animal of your choice out on it. Then you wait; whichever grid spot it poops on first is the winner!



6. Sell Shop Projects


Make one shop project simple universal for your students to make. These can include birdhouses, benches, end tables, or whatever you can think of. Have your students build them as a class. Once they are finished, sell them for a set price to community members. You can even advertise the chapter by putting a simple logo on it!